Spiral freezers are often used by frozen food manufacturers because they work efficiently, don't take up that much space, and provide excellent freezing capabilities. If you've just purchased one of your own and want the setup to go smoothly, take a look at this installation guide.

Look at Complete Parts Diagrams 

You'll eventually need some sort of reference point for identifying parts of this spiral freezer system, whether it's conveyor belt materials or part of the air cooler system. Reviewing these parts will be easy if you access a complete diagram of your specific spiral freezer.

The diagram should show the spiral freezer as a whole unit and then have each part conveniently labeled. Then you'll have a guide to use when you need to see what a certain part is and where it ultimately needs to go for a successful setup.

Consult With a Spiral Freezer Specialist if Needed

If you ever have problems getting a spiral freezer system put together, then you want to stop what you're doing and consult with a spiral freezer expert at the earliest possible convenience. This will keep you from damaging the freezer or putting yourself at risk throughout the installation.

A spiral freezer consultant can help with many matters, such as helping you choose an exact location for this freezer system and verifying that the setup was done in a compliant way. They can also go over common pitfalls to avoid during this installation, such as mishandling parts and not checking them thoroughly prior to installation. 

Make Sure Optimal Parameters Are in Place Post-Installation

Once you have successfully set up a spiral freezer system around your work site, you'll need to make sure optimal parameters are set before relying on the system consistently to keep frozen food products preserved for a period of time.

For instance, you need to make sure the freezer is set at the right temperature and can maintain it, as well as ensure the conveyor belt movement is smooth. You'll need to see the spiral freezer run in real-time to check on these important performance parameters. If they're correct, then you can rely on the system with added confidence.

A spiral freezer system is a unique resource that can help keep frozen food products at the appropriate temperatures. As long as you make sure the setup for one of these systems goes according to plan, you'll get the most out of this system for years and years. 

Contact a local industrial supplier to learn more about spiral freezer systems.