If you have a system that requires rubber quad rings for sealing purposes, one of your goals for these products should be to have them last a long time. That's not going to be very difficult if you follow this care guideline.

Don't Let Them Get Exposed to Harmful Substances

The rubber quad rings currently hooked up on your equipment are only supposed to make contact with certain substances. You need to remember this throughout these rings' lifespan because then you can make sure harmful substances don't create a bunch of structural problems.

For instance, if your rubber quad rings are designed to only be exposed to a certain chemical, then you need to make sure this substance is the only thing going through the system around the area where there are quad rings. Then the rings' materials won't break down. 

Monitor Surrounding Temperatures

Even though rubber quad rings are very durable and thus used for a lot of sealing activities, they still will break down if they experience temperatures that fall outside of their recommended parameters. Therefore, it is a good idea to check on surrounding temperatures now and then.

Make sure your quad rings aren't getting hotter or colder than they should. If they are, then you need to figure out a way to adjust the system to where an optimal temperature range is once again achieved. That's key for safeguarding these rings from thermal degradation. 

See How Often Lubrication is Needed 

Quad rings made out of rubber are unique in that they don't have a huge tendency to twist and thus cause leaks to develop around a system. You can get even more capabilities with this when you find out how often these rubber quad rings need to be lubricated.

Maybe it's every couple of weeks or months. You just need to see what the quad ring manufacturer says because they're the expert on all things lubrication. Stick to their lubrication frequency and also use the lubrication product they recommend to keep twisting from happening around these components.

Rubber quad rings have a lot of great attributes for sealing applications and that's why you see them so much with different systems. You'll have many years to look forward to when using these quad rings for sealing purposes if you just put in the work maintaining them throughout the year.

For more information, contact a rubber quad ring supply company.