The ability to have tubing made that is customized to meet your company's specific needs is something that most manufacturers offer. However, arranging for customized tubing often means that some requirements and allowances that the manufacturer might have offered for regular orders may not apply to customized orders. Or there could be other changes that you have to account for. Because manufacturers have different policies, you'll be able to find one that can deliver what you need — you just have to be aware of what to look for.

Are Sealed Ends Available on Custom Tubing?

Tubing can be open at both ends, sealed at one or both ends, or have caps that can go on open ends. Sometimes manufacturers are limited in what tubing they can offer with sealed ends; the thickness of the tubing has to be within a certain range of values, or they can offer the sealed ends in only specific colors, for example. If you need sealed tubing in a certain thickness, color, or other quality, always ask if that is possible through that manufacturer. Never assume that because the last place you ordered from could do it that this place will, too.

How Does Customizing Change Order Requirements Like Minimums and Delivery Times?

When a factory creates a customized item, it is taking time away from actual manufacturing to create molds and set values (such as for CNC machines that will produce the item) that might not be used again after your order. The company wants to make that worth its while and may increase the minimum order that you can place for customized tubing. Promised delivery times may change as well because of the time involved in setting up the machinery to create the customized item. If you have a rush job, you may find that the manufacturer has to narrow their requirements even more.

How Do You Provide Specifications for Customization?

You'll also find that the method for delivering specs for the customized tubing will differ. Some manufacturers will just want instructions through a web form while others want schematics; some might ask you to indicate color choice in a catalog while others ask for a swatch of the color you need the tubing to be.

It helps if you can be a bit flexible on specifications, but sometimes that's not possible. In any case, just keep checking with companies to find the right one for the job. Learn more by clicking here or by contacting a company that sells custom plastic tubing.