West Point and the military all have football teams and games, but you are looking ahead to next year. As a coach, you are thinking about those double-headers and championship games against Navy teams, and the lighting on some of those fields. It is not always the best lighting, and lighting on a field can cost you and the team a win when the referee did not clearly see what happened. What can you do about that, if anything? If you have a surplus in the team's checking account, there are a few things that can help. 

Contact a Military Lighting Manufacturer

​Military lighting uses LED bulbs, and it is exceptionally bright. Its lightweight construction, combined with its industrial design, make it look just like the lights on the ball field, only much smaller. These lights can also be made portable, in case you want to take them with you to out-of-town games. They can clip onto and hang off of the stadium or arena walls, and off the ends of goal posts. Then the only calls the referee might miss are the ones he or she did not see because of a distraction. Contact a military lighting manufacturer to explain your situation and what you are looking for. They can help you choose which lights are ideal for outdoor use and would be perfect for adding more light to these late games. 

​See If Championship Games Can Be Played on the Pros' Field

Some double-header or championship games could be played on a professional football field if the professional home team is not using it. It would be quite the treat for the soldiers, too, considering that they would be able to play where the professionals play. Check with the team manager to see if that is possible for next year. The lighting on a professional field is very bright, and it would be impossible for a referee to miss any call. 

​Play Fields That Are Close to Street Lights

Sometimes you have the option of playing a field where there are local street lights very close by. While you may have been hesitant in the past because of the street traffic, you should try this just once. The street lights cast a lot of light onto the field, helping to brighten things up. If your other options are either unavailable or will not work where you are playing a game, go for the street light-lit field.