Polycarbonate is not just plastic. It is clear, heavy-duty plastic. It is the same plastic used to make drawers in your refrigerator. When you are a major collectibles collector, you will want a box that allows you to store your collectibles while simultaneously viewing them and protecting them. Here are some products that may just make you polycarbonate-crazy when you want to store, protect, and view your collectibles collection.

The Polycarbonate Box with Lid

The polycarbonate box with lid comes in all shapes and sizes, and of course, they are purely translucent. It takes a lot to break them because polycarbonate atoms have a high tensile strength and resist fracturing. If you create or buy cardboard dividers, or find and purchase clear, polycarbonate dividers, you can store everything from figurines to trading cards to jewelry. Additionally, the clear plastic of these boxes lets you see inside and all around inside to find whatever collectible you are looking for without having to take everything out, sort it, and put it all back in. The lids keep a lot of moisture out, too.

Polycarbonate UV Viewing Glasses

When part of your collection is light-sensitive and incredibly fragile, you need to make sure to keep it out of the light. You also do not want your facial wear or facial protectors to accidentally shine light on these collectibles. Hence, it becomes very important to buy and wear polycarbonate viewing glasses. They are usually green in order to diffuse light away from their reflective plastic surfaces.

Watertight Polycarbonate Boxes

Living in an area where you see a lot of floods is not conducive to any collection. However, companies that produce polycarbonate products think ahead. They have produced a number of watertight polycarbonate boxes that you can shut and lock up tight. Whether you store your collectibles in a storage shed or in your home/garage, these boxes will protect everything inside them. You can also see at a glance if anything inside has been accidentally made wet (which it should not have), and then you can remove that item.

Polycarbonate Lockable Boxes

Polycarbonate lockable boxes are like mini-safes, only in clear plastic. They encase everything from your collectibles to your electric box. If you need ventilation on your "control" boxes, purchase the boxes that feature two-part installment and open slits for your needs. Otherwise, solid lockable control boxes are available to seal up your collection and keep it safe.