Designing outdoor equipment is a task that shouldn't be handled lightly. Powder coating provides many benefits in the final creation of your products. Here are reasons why powder coating is essential for your outdoor equipment creations.


Whether your outdoor equipment pieces are made of steel, aluminum, copper, or another type of metal (mixed with vinyl or plastic parts), powder coating is the final step to covering the metals, so they are more durable. While most metals are water resistant, rust and other deterioration can occur when outdoor equipment is left outside. You don't want to compromise the durability of your products (leading to recalls, replacements, and poor reception by customers), so powder coat your products so they are built to last.


Powder coating not only makes products more durable, adding powder coating as a final touch to the outdoor equipment your manufacturing plant creates gives your products a streamlined, attractive appeal.

Powder coating comes in a variety of finishes and colors. You can have your products powder coated in a sheen of any color you wish, such as black, brown, green, red, or even a custom hue. For a more rugged appeal (that can also help keep debris and dirt away from products), apply a powder coat that has grit in it for a finish that lasts.

Your coating supplier will show you varieties of powder coating that meets your needs. Some types of powder coating products require multiple coats to get the desired effect in color and texture you are hoping for.


Products last longer outdoors when they are properly protected. A coating that protects against dust and debris, as well as water and other elements, help make your products last longer. When your outdoor equipment creations outlast those of competitors, you know you have made the right choice in choosing powder coating for your needs.


Some customers will only buy products to use in their yards or business that look a certain way. Since coating takes an otherwise plain piece of outdoor equipment and makes the product more appealing and useful, you can attract a wider audience base for your product line. More customer attention can mean greater sales, all simply due to your choice of adding powder coating to your creations' assembly line.

There are many reasons to consider powder coating for your outdoor equipment. Speak to a coating supplier about your options today.