If your factory uses an old chemical metering pump to treat the water at the facility, you may start to suspect that it is starting to wear down and has stopped working properly. If so, look for the following signs that the pump is starting to malfunction.

Chemical Dosing Is Inaccurate

One tell-tale sign that the chemical metering pump is malfunctioning is when it is no longer able to dose out chemicals accurately. Even when the proper adjustments are made, the pump may still dose out either too much or too little of the chemical.

To find out for use how much of the chemical is being pumped out, check the level of the container holding it. At the top of the hour, mark the level with a pen. Then, check the level after an hour of usage to see if there is any change.

If the level shows too much or too little usage of the chemical, adjust the controls on the pump. Then, check again in an hour. If there is no change in the amount of chemical being distributed from the previous hour, the pump is likely malfunctioning.

You can also check the chemical levels in the treated water to see how much has been dispersed. If the levels are constantly off, you more than likely need a new pump.

Diaphragm Frequently Ruptures

Another sign that the pump is breaking down is when the diaphragm inside the dispensing appliance constantly ruptures. The diaphragm is responsible for detecting and maintaining pressure inside the spacer.

Normally, the internal pressure of the spacer should be the same as the air around the outside of the pump. However, if any part of the pump is malfunctioning, the pressure will increase. As it increases, the pressure then breaks the diaphragm, necessitating it replacement.

While it may be normal to occasionally replace the diaphragm because of rare fluctuations in air pressure, you may find that you are having to replace it almost every day. If this is the case, the pump is no longer able to maintain a normal pressure level and should be replaced.

If your chemical metering pump is exhibiting any of the signs above, it has started to malfunction and should be replaced as soon as possible. Contact a industrial supplier like Procom to discuss your options for finding and ordering a chemical metering pump that best fits the needs of your factory.