As you design or upgrade a warehouse for food and beverage purposes, there are many design options to consider. One of the main pieces that you need to plan out is the pallet racking. There are many types of pallet racking systems available for warehouses, but the type that you choose can make a huge difference on the flow and operation of your warehouse. If you're managing a lot of food and beverage products, then there are multiple benefits to selecting a pallet flow rack. These racks have specific features that make them ideal for all types of packaged foods. Learn about these racks and how they can improve your warehouse operations.

Food Expiration Dates

Each new order of food that arrives at your warehouse has an expiration date that makes it essential to have precise organization. A pallet flow rack works by using a first-in and first-out system. The rack itself features two sides. On the left side, pallets are inserted into the rack and then they automatically slide down to the right side. On the right side, the pallets can be lifted and removed. Once removed, the pallet behind it automatically slides down and is the next one ready to leave. Once the racks are installed, the system is easy to follow and will ensure that the food with the soonest expiration date will be taken from the warehouse first.

Sensitive Food Containers

Not all food and beverages can just be moved around and pushed into pallet racks. A variety of foods and beverage like glass jars or carbonated sodas need to have extra care to ensure they do not break, explode, or diminish in quality. A pallet flow rack has many features to help with this design. When the pallets are placed on the racks, a short incline uses gravity to help move them down the rack.

Instead of bumping into the other pallet, there are breaking systems installed to properly stop the pallet in its tracks. This automation allows workers to place the pallet on and move onto the next task, as the rack and braking system controls the rest. Along with braking systems, speed controllers can be set into specific racks. For example, you can set specific racks just for carbonated beverages. The speed controllers can prevent too many fast movements from the beverages and allows the pallets to move slowly into position.

Vertical Installations

Save space in your warehouse and minimize the number of aisles you need by choosing a pallet flow rack with a large vertical installation. Not only do these vertical installations allow you to store more pallets in less square footage, but it can keep pallets high off the ground and help prevent contamination. For example, you can have the first section of the racks start at three feet off the ground, so the food is kept clean and protected from the floor area. Depending on the size of your warehouse, you may only need one pallet flow rack if the rack rises high enough and provides you with the space you need.

Pallet Sizes & Refrigeration

The racks can also be customized to feature different sizes of pallets. For example, a pallet of cereal boxes may need more height than a pallet of frozen food boxes. A rack installation company has the ability to shape the racks into the various sizes you need. Steel rollers and industrial metals can also be used in the construction of the racks so they can easily be installed inside of a refrigerated warehouse. This allows the flow system to work smoothly in the cold and harsh conditions. When ordering the racks, be sure to mention the type of warehouse and temperature conditions that are present.

By properly planning and choosing a pallet flow rack, you can increase work productivity and reduce the amount of errors that comes with warehouse performance. Talk with a company that offers pallet racking options for more info and tips.