If you own a food manufacturing plant that sometimes uses cooking oil to make fried goods like potato chips, then you will likely have some leftover oil that needs to be dealt with at the end of the manufacturing process. This waste oil can and should be recycled so it can be turned into biodiesel fuel. Not only is this good for the environment, but it cuts down on your waste disposal costs. Your cooking oil will be stored in large dumpsters that you rent from the recycling business. These dumpsters will store several hundred gallons of the oil at one time. Once the dumpster is full, a pump out system is utilized to remove the oil from the dumpster. While this helps to reduce spill concerns on the part of the recycling business, you may spill the oil yourself when you transfer it into the dumpster. This can cause slip concerns and also bring pests near the dumpsters. To avoid this issue, follow the tips below.

Invest In A Grease Shuttle or A Drum Pouring Device

If you need to transport grease and oil from your friers to your dumpster on a daily basis or if you want to do this several times a day, then it is wise to use a device called a grease shuttle. A grease shuttle is a tall metal container with an angled opening on the top. The device features a handle on top, wheels on the bottom, and flat sides. When you need to collect oil from the friers, you can lay the shuttle down flat on one side so the angled opening can be positioned underneath the oil clean-out spigot. Once the shuttle is filled, it can be rolled to the dumpster and emptied. You can either use a pump and drainage line to place the oil in the dumpster or you can lift the shuttle and pour out the grease through the angled opening. Both of these tactics will reduce spill concerns. 

If your business only empties friers once a week or if grease is periodically placed in 55 gallon drums, then reduce spill issues by investing in a drum pouring machine. Drum pouring devices are either manual wheeled, electrical, or gas powered devices that help you to hold, transport, and pour oil from drums safely and without spilling the contents. If you do decide to purchase and use a drum pouring device, make sure to secure a drum funnel or pour tip on top before releasing the grease into the dumpster. This will help to reduce splash back as the entire contents of the barrel enter the dumpster.

Ask For An Oil Filter Deck

Speak with your dumpster rental company before your oil recycling dumpster is secured and ask them to place a filter deck on your property beforehand. This type of device is a flat and long steel or heavy-duty polyethylene container with a grate on top. This gate is removable to expose the interior of the deck where an absorbent fabric or pad is secured. This pad helps to collect oil and grease that spills during the filling and emptying of the dumpster. This pad should be replaced whenever it is saturated with oil, so ask a dumpster rental business, such as Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc., to completely remove the dumpster from the deck every one or two months. Not only will this allow you to replace the pad, but it will allow you to receive a new and clean dumpster at this time. 

The filter inside the deck is a good for collecting oil that spills directly around the outside of the dumpster. If you want to protect the space around the deck as well, then sprinkle a small amount of kitty litter around the edge. If oil spills, then the litter will absorb it. Just make sure to replace the litter when this happens.